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 node name
Aeshnidae     Look for this name in NCBI   Wikipedia   Animal Diversity Web
  recommended citations Kohli et al., 2016
  node minimum age
139.8 Ma
The Zara Formation is Berriasian (145.0-139.8 Ma; Lower Cretaceous) in age, according to (Cohen et al., 2013). Thus the minimum age of the Berriasian is used for the calibration.
  node maximum age
None specified
 primary fossil used to date this node 
PIN 1989/1808
Gomphaeschna inferna, Pritykina,1977
Location relative to the calibrated node: Crown

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     Locality: Uppermost course of Vitim River, Transbaikals, Eravninsk region, Buryat Republic (Tyumen)
     Stratum: Zara Formation
     Geological age: Cretaceous, Mesozoic

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  phylogenetic justification
This fossil preserves the all the synapomorphies of the subfamily Gomphaeschninae: lack of crossveins in the antesubnodal area between RA and RP, no accessory cubitoanal crossveins in the submedian space between CuP- crossing and PsA and the discoidal triangle only divided into two cells by a single crossvein (Bechly et al., 2001).
  phylogenetic reference(s)
chly, G., Nel, A., Martínez-Declòs, X., Jarzembowski, E.A., Coram, R., Martill, D., Fleck, G., Escuillié, F., Wisshak, M.M., and Maisch, M. 2001. A revision and phylogenetic study of Mesozoic Aeshnoptera, with description of numerous new taxa (Insecta: Odonata: Anisoptera). Neue Paläontologische Abhandlungen, 4:1-219.
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tree image
Figure 3 from Kohli et al. (2016).