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 node name
Boinae     Look for this name in NCBI   Wikipedia   Animal Diversity Web
  recommended citations Head, 2015
  node minimum age
58 Ma
The minimum age is the youngest age estimate for palynological zone CU-02, which contains the horizon from which Titanoboa fossils were recovered in the Cerrejón Formation of Colombia (Jaramillo et al., 2007; Head et al., 2009).
  node maximum age
64 Ma
The soft maximum age is the maximum age estimate for the Tiupampan SALMA (Woodburne et al., 2014), the oldest SALMA that includes the oldest reported records of boid snakes (Albino and Brizuela, 2014).
 primary fossil used to date this node 
Titanoboa cerrejonensis, Head et al., 2009
Location relative to the calibrated node: Stem

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     Locality: Cerrejón Mine
     Stratum: Cerrejón Formation
     Geological age: Paleocene, Paleogene, Cenozoic

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  phylogenetic justification
Titanoboa was united with Boinae on the basis of paracotylar fossae and foramina, straight, posteromedially angled interzygapophyseal ridges, and a vaulted posterior neural arch (Head et al., 2009).
  phylogenetic reference(s)
Head, J. J., J. I. Bloch, A. K. Hastings, J. R. Bourque, E. A. Cadena, F. A. Herrera, P. D. Polly, and C. A. Jaramillo. 2009. Giant boid snake from the Paleocene neotropics reveals hotter past equatorial temperatures. Nature, 457:715-717.
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tree image
Figure 1 from Head (2015).