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 node name
Charadriiformes     Look for this name in NCBI   Wikipedia   Animal Diversity Web
  recommended citations Smith, 2015
  node minimum age
46.5 Ma
Igneous rocks from Messel were dated using 40Ar/39Ar methods to 47.8 ± 0.2 Ma and correspond with biostratigraphic reference level MP 11 (i.e., the base of the Geiseltalian European Land Mammal Age; Mertz and Renne, 2005). The span of the Geiseltalian is estimated at 47.5-46.5 Ma (Mertz and Renne, 2005).
  node maximum age
0 Ma
none specified
 primary fossil used to date this node 
SMF ME 2458A+B
Charadriiformes incertae sedis, Mayr, 2000
Location relative to the calibrated node: Stem

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     Locality: Messel
     Stratum: Messel Formation
     Geological age: Lutetian, Eocene, Paleogene, Cenozoic

  phylogenetic justification
SMF-ME 2458A+B was referred to Charadriiformes by Mayr (2000) based on apomorphies of the coracoid, humerus and carpometacarpus.
  phylogenetic reference(s)
Smith, N.A. 2015. Sixteen vetted fossil calibrations for divergence dating of Charadriiformes (Aves, Neognathae). Palaeontologia Electronica 18.1.4FC.
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tree image
Figure 1 from Smith (2015).